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Telescopic Cane
Telescopic Cane



Telescopic Cane from Pedder Johnson is a lightweight aluminum colorful walking stick which collapses three times smaller than its normal length.

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The telescopic cane consists of two anodized aluminum tube sections with telescopic functionality. It is very easy to use and its design ensures stability. The handle also features an elastic loop. The cane’s length can be precisely adjusted to the user’s height by pulling out the lower section. The cane is then fixed at the desired length by twisting the section until the built-in expansion plugs lock it in the current position


  • Light weight Aluminium walking stick with a small handle
  • Three times smaller than a normal stick.
  • Aluminium body 
  • Provides extra support 


  • Minimum height : 43 cm (17”)
  • Maximum height : 96 cm (37”)
  • Material : Aluminium 
  • Country of Origin: China


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