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Gel Heel Pad (Pando)
Gel Heel Pad (Pando)
Gel Heel Pad (Pando)



Artificial Shock Absorber with 3mm thick C3I Organic Gel.

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Gel Heel Pad (PANDO) provides support to the bonus and bear all physical stress & strain require the finest gel giving cushion care comfort strength. It is extremely soft, lighter than water, durable, non-allergic, nontoxic, bio safe, excellent life span, economical, washable, excellent resiliency property, excellent energy & shock absorption. It provides support to the ankle bone, hip, back and spine preventing loss of alignment.

Supports heel & provides relief from pain to various painful condition of foot and heel
Less fatigue while standing, walking & running for long durations
The extra layer of Cushioning of the heel bond
Regularly wash with mild soap and water
Sponge with talcum powder for best result

Country of Origin: India


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