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Deluxe Padded raised Toilet Seat 4 “


This is a Deluxe Padded toilet raiser that can be fitted on top of an existing toilet seat. Unlike other toilet raisers, this is softer and hence more friendly on the soft skin of elders.Useful for people with knee & arthritic problems.

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Pedder Johnson foam toilet raiser provides a soft cushion that attaches to the toilet seat to give extra comfort and to raise the effective seat height.

  • it is softer and more friendly on the soft skin of senior persons.
  • The seat simply attaches with four hook and loop straps.
  • The blue vinyl covering protects the cushion and is easily cleaned.
  • Has appropriate depression for coccyx (tail bone) relief as well as depression in the front for easy cleaning access.
  • Country of Origin: India


  • Lightweight and moveable
  • Tool free installation
  • Can hold upto 140 Kgs
  • Made of heavy duty Polyfoam making it durable.


Put on top of an existing toilet seat and not directly onto the porcelain

  • Country of Origin: China


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