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  1. This is a device that can be used for multiple purposes. The idea for this product came about because many of the elders who were buying walkers wanted to use it for other purposes as well. Suitable for people below 65 Kg only. This product can be used as follows: 1. A regular walker 2. A device to help one get up from a chair using upper body strength to support the legs 3. A shower chair 4. A commode chair 5. A toilet raiser 6. A toilet safety rail.

    Non-Returnable Item
  2. Folding Walker from Pedder Johnson. Ergonomically shaped release handles make this walker easy to open and close. Durable, lightweight anodized aluminium frame.
  3. This torch can be attached to any tubular structure such as a cane, walker, and wheelchair to enable convenient positioning of the torch.
  4. 10%


    Bed Pull Up Strap Bed Pull Up Strap
    Getting up from a sleeping position is easier using Bed Pull Up Strap.
  5. Bed Side Rail large by Pedder Johnson is a safety rail along the bedside that prevents person from falling off. Collapsible mechanism helps lower the rail to mattress level enabling user to get in and out of bed. It is portable & easy to transport. Fits onto almost all beds.
  6. It provides an intermediate heightened platform that eases the requirement for joint bending.
  7. These strong and sturdy walking sticks are fully made from anodized aluminum. They come equipped with non-slip rubber caps.
  8. These are Lightweight Aluminum anodized walking sticks with wood handle, folding facility for user convenience.

    Non-Returnable Item
  9. Built- in led lights-adjustable 6 white bright led lights, for your safety flashlight direction can be adjusted to meet your needs when walking at night
  10. Decrease the incidence of pressure sores when people are sitting for extended periods of time. Gel can slide and move laterally, so it is effective in reducing shear forces. Gel reduce pressure around bony prominence.

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